Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I download JBV1?
JBV1 can be installed from the Google Play Store.

How much does JBV1 cost?
JBV1 is available for free, but donations are welcome.

Does JBV1 require a V1 or TMG System?
It is not required to have either a V1 or a TMG System, as a number of features are available in standalone mode. However, laser and radar alerting will not be available without the additional hardware.

Is JBV1 available for iOS?
JBV1 is only available for Android.

Can you please create an iOS version?
JBV1 is extremely feature rich and to create and maintain an iOS version would take a considerable amount of time. There are no plans to port JBV1 to iOS due to the time investment required.

What kind of Android phone do I need?
There are numerous phones that have worked for users. Some of the most popular phones are made by OnePlus, Samsung, and Motorola.

Does JBV1 require an internet connection?
JBV1 only requires an internet connection when using certain features. These features include crowd-sourced alerts, proximate aircraft warning system, reverse geocoding, and the alert map.

Do I need to have a separate phone plan?
JBV1 can be used with the hotspot on your primary phone, in-car WiFI, or a mobile data plan. A 12 month, 1GB per month, data plan with FreedomPop can be purchased for $40-$45 on Amazon. One member of RDForum used 800mb of data on a 5,000 mile drive with all data features turned on.
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