Sunday, September 03, 2017

So I've been busy with my JBV1 app for Android. In the last few days, I added the following:

  1. Indicators for enabled bands and a few other settings. I eventually plan to have settings files for on-the-fly changes, but I like knowing what's on and what's not, without depending on a file name for clues (and not accidentally turning something on/off, or testing and forgetting to change back later).
  2. Character-based arrows replaced with better-looking images. These are easier to "read" and, well, just look nicer.
  3. Signal strength dot colors are now yellow for first 4 dots, orange for next 2 dots, and red for last 2 dots.
  4. V1 mute on/off.
  5. V1 display on/off/auto. Auto setting turns display on during alerts and off when no alerts.
  6. GPS speed and elevation. I eventually will use speed for auto muting and who knows what else. Elevation is just a personal preference, as I sometimes drive in and around the Smoky Mountains, and I like to know my elevation. Besides, since I need GPS for speed anyway, I might as well get elevation, too. I've changed my mind on GPS lockouts, but I need to do a lot of reading on how best to go about it.

Let me know what you think!



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