News for Friday, November 03, 2017

    Friday, November 03, 2017

    You may have to click this link from your device:

    Or you may be able to find it without the link (IDK).

    Here's a link to the play store listing if you want to see it from your computer:

    It defaults to working only with LE adapters. If you want to try it out on a non-LE adapter, wait for the LE connection attempt to timeout, then tap Options, then Settings, then Connection, then disable the LE option.

    I think most of the app is self-explanatory. There is a Help item on the Options menu for basic help. This is my first mobile app, so I expect some issues when rolled out to the masses. Please be patient as I try to correct issues that arise. I can only work on JBV1 in my spare time, and that will limit how responsive I can be.

    Known issues:

    • On rare occasions (for me anyway), the activity stack gets messed up after backgrounding the app. I'm working on that. If any Android dev experts want to help me with that, please send PM. I would be extremely grateful!

    One more thing:

    • Normally, you would use the Back button to completely exit JBV1. If you background it with the home button and start Waze or some other app, and you get the alert overlay, tap on the overlay to bring JBV1 back to the foreground. After doing that, the back button will not exit JBV1, but will go back to the previous app instead.

    Master changelog for all releases.

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