JBV1 v0.9.20 Released
Friday, November 10, 2017

What's new in this release?

  • New priority al1ert message area under the priority alert frequency shows band and reason muted (if muted by rule) (landscape layout also shows priority alert front/rear antenna bias)
  • Revised compass heading algorithm to be more accurate at slow speeds and not revert to N when stopped (stupid Android location services)
  • Revised some alert log headers to show speed and distance units instead of "Speed" and "Distance"
  • Alert log day maps will map an entire day's worth of alerts, with auto zoom to fit all markers
  • New map options to toggle alert markers and lockout markers
  • Map now loads additional lockouts as they come into view when scrolling around the map
  • Auto lockouts!
  • Bug fixes

Be careful with auto lockouts, especially if you need whitelisting (not there yet). The current auto lockout settings, in addition to the tolerance/drift and radius options that also affect manual lockouts, are as follows:

  1. Enable/disable globally
  2. Enable/disable by band+laser
  3. Maximum signal strength
  4. Learn count (signal hits in same location before auto learn/lockout)
  5. Unlearn count (consecutive signal misses in same location before auto unlearn)
  6. Learn/unlearn interval (amount of time that must pass between hits and misses at a location before either is incremented/reset)

I'm sure there will be more settings to come as the auto lockout algorithms evolve.

Master changelog for all releases.