JBV1 v0.9.42 Released
Saturday, December 16, 2017

What's new in this release?

  • App mute volume control for some auto mutes
  • Display option for peak signal strength
  • Current profile and sweeps now available in push dialog
  • K mute settings remain visible when K band is enabled

Regarding the mute volume control:

I was thinking about a master mute volume and also individual mute volume controls for all mutes (use master would be the default setting for individual mutes), including locked-out signals. That seemed unnecessarily complex to me from a user perspective, so I went with a single auto mute volume control for now. Lockouts, snoozes, user mutes, and Silent Ride still fully mute and are excluded from auto mute volume setting. If enough people really want it, I can make individual mute controls, even by band if there's enough interest in that, too.

The mute volume controls the alert sounds only. Setting a >0 auto mute volume will not cause alerts immediately auto muted by direction, box, or K mute to be announced.

Master changelog for all releases.