JBV1 v0.9.65 Released
Monday, March 05, 2018

What's new in this release?

0.9.65 fixes another problem with multi-window mode. Sorry for forgetting about this mode, and thanks to someone for crash reports while trying to use it. :)

I also forgot about other changes:

  • New options for Alert Screen Flasher
  • Option to hide weather radar map location marker

You can now control the flasher by band and initial signal strength. For example, I have mine set to flash on Laser and Ka band initial 4+, and nothing else.

I haven't seen any CSA map feedback. Is anyone using that feature? I'm changing it up a little in the next release, adding some 3D perspective and a full screen option. Your location on the map is moved way down near the bottom of the map like below. I'm also removing the option for orientation to north, because that works best with a square-ish map and there just isn't room unless it's really (too) small.

CSA Map Full Screen CSA Map Small

Master changelog for all releases.