JBV1 v0.9.66 Released
Wednesday, March 07, 2018

What's new in this release?

  • CSA alerts now include age on alert screen and in announcement
  • CSA alerts (simplified) now appear in overlay
  • CSA inset map widened, centered, and moved to bottom of alert screen
  • CSA maps show current location toward bottom of map
  • CSA maps now show variable 3D perspective with auto zoom
  • Weather radar alerting alpha now applied to position/bearing indicator
  • Signal graph now shows all raw signal strength data by antenna (used to show combined & sampled data)
  • Signal graph now auto scales to signal peaks, with intent to show relative strength over time instead of absolute strength
  • New option to show signal graph for each threat in alert list
  • New option for full-screen CSA map
  • New options for alert screen orientation lock and overlay background dim
  • Fixes NPE crash when device orientation changes, or multi-window mode engages, before current profile displayed

Master changelog for all releases.