JBV1 v1.0.1 Released
Monday, April 16, 2018

What's new in this release?

  • Auto Mute options to enable Silent Ride by band
  • Audio options to announce alerts that begin muted but are later un-muted (Ka, K, Ku, X)
  • Audio options to announce alerts only if white listed (K, Ku, X)
  • Overlay flick to center positions
  • Custom toasts reverted back to standard toasts

Important: Previous versions had one Silent Ride option for Ka that would exclude Ka-band alerts from Silent Ride muting when enabled. There are now Silent Ride options for all bands, and you must now DISABLE the option to exclude that band from Silent Ride muting.

I reverted the alert screen toasts back to standard toasts because of some crash reports that had the Toast class, but not any of my application code, in the stack traces. I don't recall having seen the errors before customizing the toasts, so I changed them back to standard toasts to see if the errors disappear.

Master changelog for all releases.