JBV1 v1.0.7 Released
Friday, May 25, 2018

What's new in this release?

  • (Marks) New options for directional user marks (1-way, 2-way, all-way).
  • (Display) For locked-out and white-listed signals, alert table signal graphs show circles indicating the coverage relative to your position (center of graph) and bearing, as if the signal graph were a map.
  • (Display) Speed limit sign condensed, automatically uses European theme when units set to Metric.
  • (Reverse Geocoder) URL changed (was broken) for the primary source of location address and PSL data.

New user mark create dialog

Marks Alerts

Direction buttons should be self-explanatory. Clicking the mark name button creates an all-way mark, as before. You can't edit a mark to change its direction at this time. You'll have to remove it and create a new one.

Alert table signal graphs showing lockout/white list circles:

Lockout Circles

The graph is scaled to 500 meters vertically. Width of the graph is variable depending on layout on your device, but it should be about the same number of meters per pixel regardless. The above example shows a lockout with a 250-meter radius centered very near my current location. The lockout circle will move relative to your position (center white dot) and bearing (always up), as if the graph is a map. The idea here is to show you where you are relative to the lockout on a signal. You can turn this off if in developer settings if you have alert screen freezing issues or you just don't like it. I did experience an alert screen freeze once, which was found to be a GPU driver bug that halted screen rendering (not an ANR, app continued to run). After rebooting my phone, it hasn't happened again. If it continues to be an issue, I'll get rid of this, at least until I find a fix.

New condensed speed limit signs, with auto switching between USA and Euro theme when units are changed between English and Metric:

USA Speed Limit

Euro Speed Limit

Spacing of CSAs in the HD alert table will be fixed in 1.0.7 to look like this:


Master changelog for all releases.