JBV1 v1.0.9 Released
Friday, June 08, 2018

What's new in this release?

  • (Display) Option for multi-colored signal strength meter
  • (Display) Alert screen flasher flashes screen even when backgrounded
  • (Display) HD Alert Table uses darker backgrounds for Ka- and X-band freqs, for improved contrast with signal strength meters
  • (Alerts) Manually classify V1 alerts as Constant On or Instant On, from alert screen or alert log, with corresponding alert log filters
  • (Quick Settings) Alert Distance toggle replaced with Force Speaker toggle
  • (Lockouts) Directional Unlearn option (enabled = previous behavior)
  • (Map) Lockout info includes bearing when created
  • (CSA) Tap a CSA alert from app alert screen for option to dismiss it

Tap a V1 alert while displayed on the alert screen to manually classify it as CO or IO in real time. If you make a mistake, e.g. you classify one as CO and meant to classify it as IO, just tap the alert again and then tap IO. If you want to undo a CO or IO classification, just hit the same classification again to un-uh-un-uh-un-uh-undo it. Or you can fix it later from the alert log. You can even classify a locked out signal as CO/IO. Doing so will cause it to punch through the lockout for the duration of the alert. This provides a data trail (alert initially locked out and then classified as real) that may be very useful at a later date.

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