JBV1 v1.1.0 Released
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

What's new in this release?

  • New option for manual/auto lockout indicator. When enabled, mute code "L" replaced by "M" or "A".
  • New option to disable auto learn of box-muted signals. If you use K boxes to mute likely BSM signals, enabling this will greatly reduce learned/learning lockout clutter where these BSM signals are frequently seen in the same general location.
  • New option for speed limit sign theme, no longer changes on English/metric setting.
  • New option to check internet availability on startup, with voice warning if not available.
  • New options for GPS-only overspeed warning, default lockout marker visibility on map, show speed in alert markers, disable connection lost chirp, disable Ka band disabled warning, and signal strength meter colors.
  • New markers and pop-up windows for lockouts on alert log map.
  • Lockout moves on map can be cancelled.
  • Box mute punch through and alpha apply to ITB + OTB muted alerts.
  • Battery voltage shown on standard portrait screen.
  • Fixed CSA time-to-target display bug.

Master changelog for all releases.