JBV1 v1.1.12 Released
Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What's new in this release?

  • Arrow style options for CSA, Marks, and PAWS
  • Speedometer color option (white, orange)
  • Option for control of auto brightness on/off (requires new permission)
  • Layout and style improvements
  • Fixed NPE crash on alternate landscape layout
  • Fixed CAI muting radio when muted alerts occurring under Silent Ride setting
  • Fixed initial volume bug
  • Other fixes

PAWS has two data sources available now. The primary, default source is a different one than used in previous release, which is now the secondary source. When HD alert table is enabled, the alert screen will show two arrows for aircraft bearing and heading, on top of each other. The white arrow indicates bearing from you to aircraft. The green arrow indicates aircraft heading/track relative to your current heading. So if the aircraft is behind you and to the right at 4 o'clock and traveling along the same road as you, the white arrow will point to 4 o'clock and the green arrow will point straight up to 12 o'clock. On non HD alert tables, the first larger arrow is bearing to aircraft, and the second smaller arrow is aircraft heading/track.


Master changelog for all releases.