JBV1 v1.2.5 Released
Friday, October 26, 2018

What's new in this release?

  • Options for no rear/side/time mutes of white-listed signals
  • Option to view application logcat and send it to developer (use only when directed, please)
  • When speed limit units differ from selected application units, speed limits are corrected to application units
  • Support for latest TMG a-15 firmware
  • Alert screen and overlay icons for TMG now show red for RCV ONLY mode to indicate no protection
  • Bug fixes

New TMG f/w support includes mute on/off. Unfortunately, it's not possible to read the current mute state of the TMG a-15, so if you connect to it with TMG already muted, JBV1 will show it as not muted and you'll have to toggle it twice to unmute. I decided this was better than always unmuting it after connecting. If you power off the TMG in a muted state, it will be unmuted on next restart.

Master changelog for all releases.