JBV1 v1.4.7 Released
Sunday, March 03, 2019

What's new in this release?

  • Ka Un-Mute Priority option
  • V1 Arrow Theme option (ORIENTATION [default, previous behavior], BAND)
  • Signal Graph Auto Scaling options
  • Frequency added to signal graph as blue line
  • Connected Notification option
  • Internet Check option changed to Internet Monitor (monitors when using data features)
  • 2/27/2019 camera database update
  • Ka Un-Mute Priority option, when enabled, will keep V1 un-muted whenever an un-muted Ka signal is present, even when a stronger, priority K signal is present and is being locked out or otherwise muted (except K muted). This means you would hear V1 audibly alerting to a stronger K signal after the K mute timer expires. Please note that V1's native K mute cannot be canceled early by an app.

When BAND is selected on the new V1 Arrow Theme option, V1 signal arrows will be colored according to band:

  • Red - Laser, Ka
  • Orange - K
  • Green - X, Ku

Master changelog for all releases.