News for Wednesday, April 17, 2019

    Wednesday, April 17, 2019

    What's new in this release?

    • ADDED alert map option for full-screen map
    • ADDED alert map option for auto show/hide of persistent map
    • ADDED overlay action to clear existing alerts from the overlay (all alert types, only new ones after last cleared will appear in overlay)
    • ADDED overlay options to filter out BSM- and box-muted alerts
    • MOVED overlay options for CSA, Marks, and PAWS to Display > Overlay settings screen (so overlay configuration is all in one place)
    • MOVED alert map options for CSA, Marks, and PAWS to Display > Alert Map settings screen (so alert map configuration is all in one place)
    • DISABLED auto theme control of alert map while I work on improved light background support for alert screen
    • UPDATED to 17 April 2019 camera database
    • FIXED mark alerts not appearing in overlay
    • Other bug fixes

    There are new icons for alert map actions. Not that they need much explanation, but please familiarize yourselves with them before driving.

    Map Type (Light, Dark, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid [Sat + road map]):

    Map Type Button

    Map Size (full screen, inset):

    Map Size Button

    Map Hide:

    Map Hide Button

    Map Show (floating):

    Map Show Button

    For aircraft alerts when in portrait orientation, the full-screen map will put your location in the center of the bottom half of the screen, for your viewing pleasure.

    Centered Location

    Master changelog for all releases.

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