JBV1 v1.5.7 Released
Sunday, April 28, 2019

What's new in this release?

  1. Alert map CSA markers updated from blue to red when confirmed (thumbs up > 0)
  2. Supported non-police CSA alerts will be shown on alert map even if you haven't enabled alerts for them (they just won't trigger any kind of actual alert)
  3. Added animation to movements of current location and distance circles
  4. New "Darker" map theme for dark mode alert map (my new favorite)
  5. Option to overlay weather radar image on the alert map
  6. Option for inset weather radar map (meh), long press weather radar to switch between full screen and inset
  7. Auto theme control much improved, requires 10 seconds of continuous light change above/below threshold before switching
  8. Alert map auto theme control re-enabled
  9. Alert map light mode option to control which map type is shown in light mode (normal light, sat, terrain, hybrid)
  10. Option to mask the priority alert display background for improved contrast (helps when background not dark)
  11. Fixed non-secure keyguard not always being dismissed on auto start with wake display enabled
  12. Fixed speedometer location malfunction
  13. Alert map "switch" icon replaced by "zoom -" (zoom out) button, long press for auto zoom out to long-range overview (useful for seeing weather radar)
  14. Long press the "hide" alert map icon to switch between full screen and inset maps
  15. Low memory detection with auto feature shutdown when critically low (mostly for older and budget devices)

Master changelog for all releases.