JBV1 v1.8.3 Released
Tuesday, September 10, 2019

What's new in this release?

  • PAWS settings reorganized, defaults revised
  • PAWS suspicious filter improved
  • PAWS blacklist and whitelist (screens to manage these lists coming in future release)
  • Range meters changed from all red to green-yellow-red gradient
  • Fixed alert map does not auto hide when auto visibility enabled
  • Fixed overlay layout issue with V1 alerts when HD alert table disabled
  • Fixed crash in multi-window mode when marks button clicked
  • Retargeted to Android 10

I completely forgot about one important new feature:

Display > Alert Map > Auto Hide Buttons

When enabled, the button icons for settings, marks, and map control will auto hide after the selected period of time. A single tap anywhere on the map will bring them back up. Even when this option is disabled, you can still tap to show/hide the button icons.

Master changelog for all releases.