JBV1 v1.8.5 Released
Sunday, September 22, 2019

What's new in this release?

  • GPS icon removed in favor of a simpler textual GPS status indicator
  • V1 display icon relocated to upper right of screen, near where the GPS icon used to be
  • V1 display icon lights up red while V1 display is on, shows "R" or "S" when display is off because of Rear Dark or Sensor Dark, respectively
  • TMG icon relocated to bottom left of screen, where the V1 display icon used to be
  • Options to limit the number of alert table rows for each type of non-V1 alert (all alerts still mapped and/or announced as configured)
  • Options for larger map arrow and to have your location be at the tip of the arrow instead of at the center
  • Option for tail numbers on mapped aircraft
  • Option to exclude from overlay K- and X-band alerts muted by Silent Ride
  • Added "QUIT (HOLD)" button to pop-up settings dialog
  • CSA settings reorganized
  • POI factory RLC and speed camera at same location are combined into a "Combo Camera"
  • Map auto zoom for aircraft zooms to closest threat instead of always zooming out to ~10 miles to nearest edge
  • When CSA and/or mark alerts are ahead, map auto zooms to closest CSA/mark, regardless of nearby aircraft
  • RG road detection improved to reject cross streets
  • Mark alert ranges include time options for automatic, speed-dependent alert ranging
  • Green time option for new, non-V1 alerts
  • Launch other app option (currently Waze or Maps, when installed) replaces launch Waze option
  • Removed fused location provider option (because it sucks)
  • Other tweaks and fixes
  • 18 Sep 2019 camera database

Master changelog for all releases.