JBV1 v1.10.2 Released
Monday, March 02, 2020

What's new in this release?

  • Initial support of Logic mode auto mute
  • Option to keep profile and sweeps display when V1 settings hidden
  • Option to disable alert map scale
  • New longer-range selections for alert map range option
  • Option to make settings home button exit back to app instead of to main settings screen
  • Option to trim "County" from county names (reverse geocode)
  • State names mapped to abbreviations (reverse geocode)
  • Alert timeout and error detection improvements
  • Fixed K Rear Mute option disabled in profile when K Muting disabled
  • Bug fixes

Should have profile/settings support for new V1 by Sunday.

I released this a while ago, but it isn't live yet. It'll show up sooner or later.

Master changelog for all releases.