JBV1 v2.0.2 Released
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

What's new in this release?

  • New Auto Mode options for automatic, speed-based (+PSL), V1 mode changes (All-BogeysLogicAdvanced-Logic) (General settings)
  • New V1 Mute mute code indicates when a mute was initiated by V1 (auto muted by V1 or user pressed V1/remote mute button)
  • Signal strength-based settings reverted back to segments, additional Gen2-specific settings added (see note below)
  • Signal graph improvements
  • Settings search improvements
  • Bug fixes

Note on strength-based settings changes: If using Gen2, please revisit your strength-based settings and make desired adjustments, because I have not mapped the old settings to the new ones. The affected settings are [Lockouts, Advanced] lockout max strength, lockout deep analysis, [Boxes] OTB mute punch thrus (all bands), [Auto Mute Control] directional auto mutes (all bands + laser), time mute punch thrus (all bands + laser), BSM filters (K band), and [Display] screen flasher (all bands + laser).

Master changelog for all releases.