News for Sunday, June 14, 2020

    Sunday, June 14, 2020

    What's New? A LOT!

    • New Display options
      • Speedometer Style
        • Normal
        • Bold
        • Italic
        • Bold Italic
      • Numeric Strength Overlay
        • Priority Alert Display and HD overlay/alert table only
        • Number of strength meter LEDs overlaid on top of signal orientation arrow
    • New Alert Table options
      • Alert Table Type
        • HD (High Density)
          • Much larger font for frequencies, tail numbers, mark alert type, and CSA alert type
        • SD (Standard Density)
        • SD XL (Standard Density Xtra Large)
        • Replaces High-Density Alert Table and Use Larger Fonts options
      • Row Animations
        • Animate Changes
          • Adds animation of alert table rows when rows are added, deleted, and/or moved to a new position
          • Also applies to overlay table
        • Animation Duration
          • 300 - 1000 ms
        • Flash New Alerts
          • New alerts added to alert table will flash (exc. V1 alerts coming from priority alert display)
        • Flash Duration
          • 2 - 5 secs
        • Pulsate Inactive Ka Alerts
          • When a Ka alert goes inactive (grayed out) it will pulsate as a reminder until removed at end of hold time
    • New Alert Overlay options
      • Overlay Type
        • Use Alert Table Setting
        • HD
        • SD
        • SD XL
      • Other Alerts
        • Row limits for each type of non-V1 alert
        • Replaces toggles for each type of non-V1 alert
    • Overrides
      • Added PAWS actions to turn on/off show helicopters option
      • Behavioral change: When transitioning directly from an override area with a PAWS or Auto V1 Mode (AVM) action to an override area with no corresponding action, PAWS/AVM states will return to their default states (as they were before any override activated).
    • Marks (RLC, Speed Cameras, etc)
      • Map markers use a lot of transparency by default
      • Transparency decreased for markers when alerted to corresponding mark
      • camera databases are now in-app downloads
    • New CSA options
      • Other On Shoulder
        • Receive alerts for on-shoulder alerts besides cars
      • Other On Road
        • Receive alerts for on-road alerts besides objects
    • PAWS changes
      • HD alert table shows tracked time (position age removed)
      • Bearing arrow turns orange when aircraft is postured to monitor your speed (really close and tracking generally parallel to your direction of travel)
      • New class-specific icons for map markers and alerts
      • Option to enable/disable suspiciousness of twin-engine piston/turboprop airplanes
      • Option to show aircraft graph only for suspicious aircraft
      • Long-press aircraft graph to load path prior to being tracked by PAWS (if available)
      • Long press MAP button to view aircraft on external web site/app (configurable)
        • ADS-B Exchange
        • FlightAware
        • Flightradar24
        • PlaneFinder
        • RadarBox
      • Icao filter works with tail numbers, too
      • Added third data source
      • Source Configuration
        • Can configure which sources are used for Auto and All source selections
      • Aircraft Database
        • In-app downloads to save data usage while driving:
          • ICAO model reference
          • FAA Releasable Aircraft Database
          • OpenSky Aircraft Database
        • Stored in its own database, separate from main app database

    Here's a demo of the new animation and numeric strength overlay. The animation really helps to see where an alert may have jumped to when the list is reordered.

    Master changelog for all releases.

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