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    Saturday, February 09, 2019

    What's new in this release?

    • Auto light/dark theme options for alert table and overlay (Settings > Display > Auto Theme Settings)
    • Band mutes for Laser, K band, and X band (swipe left/right on V1 settings at bottom of alert screen)
    • Option to disable band-specific frequency background colors in alert table and overlay (Settings > Display > Alert Table Settings > Frequency Background Color Coded)
    • Option for larger signal strength meter in frequency background of alert table and overlay (dark-themed HD alert table only; Settings > Display > Alert Table Settings > Frequency Background SS Meter)
    • Added 0% alert sound volume options, for BT audio pause/duck during alerts with no app alert sounds
    • Overlay speedometer, when enabled, remains in overlay during alerts

    Band mute is for when you want all alerts in a particular band to be seen but not heard (wife mode). These mutes don't persist on app restarts, but I could be convinced to change that. By default, swipe left or right on the V1 settings area at the bottom of the alert screen to display the control dialog.

    Here's an example of what the background signal strength meter looks like in a shopping center near me:

    Background Signal Strength Meter

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    Wednesday, January 30, 2019

    What's new in this release?


    • Conflict Resolution setting (Disabled, Frequency, Strength [default])
    • Statistical Analysis setting (Disabled [default], Safer, Standard, Quieter)
    • Learn/Unlearn Interval settings separated


    • Option to reverse V1 signal orientation for backwards installations
    • Option to show speedometer instead of bogey counter in always-on overlay
    • New Escort-ish Ka-band alert sound option
    • 1/30/2019 camera database update

    Lockouts, Conflict Resolution:

    • FREQUENCY - Lockouts may apply to only one signal at a time. The signal whose average frequency is closest to the lockout center wins. Ties broken by strength (weakest wins), and then time (first wins). Remaining signals not matched to some other AVAILABLE lockout will not be locked out.

    • STRENGTH - Lockouts may apply to only one signal at a time. The weakest signal wins. Ties broken by difference between average frequency and lockout center (closest wins), and then time (first wins). Remaining signals not matched to some other AVAILABLE lockout will not be locked out.

    • DISABLED - Lockouts may apply to multiple signals at the same time.

    With the frequency or strength setting, if you drive through some locations where multiple signals are really close to each other in frequency and using the same lockout, I strongly recommend letting the app do its auto lockout thing to take care of the extra signal(s) instead of manually locking them out.

    Lockouts, Statistical Analysis:

    • This is a punch-through algorithm that uses alert log data. See setting description for more info.

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    Saturday, December 22, 2018

    What's new in this release?

    • Removed Priority Conflict Mutes V1 option, behavior is now always false
    • Removed K band Double Mute option, behavior is now always true
    • New Ka alert sound option, Only on Band Conflict
    • 12/19 camera database update
    • Bug fixes

    This release contains improvements mainly for users who prefer to hear and mute alerts from V1 or attached peripherals.

    If V1 is alerting to a stronger K-band signal that shouldn't be muted by any rule (locked out, box muted, etc.), JBV1 will no longer mute V1 because it thinks a weaker Ka-band signal should have priority (this is what the old priority conflict mute option was for). I can't make V1 audibly alert to a signal of my choosing, so there's a new option for Ka alert sounds called Only on Band Conflict. When enabled, JBV1 will audibly alert to a Ka signal only when JBV1 thinks that should be the priority alert and V1 is audibly alerting to some other, presumably stronger, non-Ka-band signal. If you want V1 making all (most) of the alert sounds and you want to use this new feature, you should enable the alert sounds master switch, disable the band-specific alert sounds for all bands except Ka, and enable the Only on Band Conflict option below the Ka band Alert Sound option.

    When you press a hard mute button (V1 knob, concealed display, remote button), JBV1 will un-mute V1 only on a new alert that shouldn't be muted by any rule. JBV1 will not un-mute V1 because of changes to alert priority among the alerts that existed when V1 was muted. I'm considering options to control this un-mute behavior by band and strength (e.g. un-mute on new K alert only if initial strength > 3), so let me know what your thoughts are on that.

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    Wednesday, December 12, 2018

    What's new in this release?

    • Support for latest TMG a-15 firmware
    • Removed "Show distances in mi/km" option to avoid confusion with English/Metric option
    • All distances now shown in miles (English) or kilometers (Metric), including in the alert log
    • Fixed crash in multi-window mode when user marks icon tapped

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    Thursday, December 06, 2018

    <p><strong>What's new in this release?</strong></p>

    <ul> <li>JBV1 now includes location data for thousands of red light cameras and speed cameras in the USA and Canada! To activate this data, visit Settings &gt; Marks and enable the Auto Update RLC Data and/or Auto Update SC Data options. Also, be sure that the Imported RLC Enabled and/or Imported SC Enabled options are enabled.</li> <li>Option to disable announcements of RLC, SC, et al, marks.</li> <li>Bug fixes</li> </ul>

    <p>I'm now partnering with to provide RLC and SC location data in the USA and Canada. This data is updated weekly by, and every future JBV1 update will include the very latest data. I plan to update JBV1 at least twice a month to keep this location data as up to date as possible. You can stop these auto updates by disabling the Auto Update options. At this time, you can delete a particular RLC or SC, but it will return on the next data update if it's still in the new data. I will fix this as soon as I can (probably not before Christmas). Early next year, we plan to enhance the experience with directional alerts and optional automated feedback of camera approach telemetry (to support directional alerting). I also plan to switch to online location data updates next year. If you're interested in using this data, please help the community by reporting changes here:</p>

    <p><a href=""> Report Enforcement Camera Locations &amp;vert; POI Factory</a></p>

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