JBV1 Release 0.9.26

    Wednesday, November 15, 2017

    What's new in this release?

    • Option to hide status bar
    • Option to change alert priority
    • New General settings category
    • Mute control enhancements and bug fixes
    • Alert list management bug fixes
    • White listed alert bug fixes (alert log, map)

    Mute control changes: d

    When there's no active alert, the speaker button functions normally as a sounds on/off toggle. Tap it when it's green and it turns gray and everything gets muted automatically. Tap it when it's gray and it turns green and only auto-muted alerts (lockout, snooze, silent ride, K muting, OTB/ITB) will be muted.

    When there's an active, un-muted alert, the green speaker icon will be much larger (for easier access while driving). Tapping the large speaker icon will mute V1, and then the speaker icon will shrink back to its original size, turn gray, and be disabled. The speaker icon will automatically turn green and be re-enabled when V1's mute expires (about 10 secs after no alerts, or when V1 wants to un-mute for a new bogey).

    The same thing will happen with active, auto-muted alerts, except that you don't have to tap a button. The speaker button will turn gray and be disabled until V1's mute expires.

    You also can mute an alert with a push of V1's volume knob, and that will also mute JBV1 and trigger the same changes to the speaker button. The button will turn green and be re-enabled automatically when V1's mute expires.

    Muted alerts appearing in the Priority Alert Display area will have a mute memo that indicates why the alert is muted:

    • "Mute" - Muted by the user with either the JBV1 speaker button or the V1 knob
    • "Silent Rd" - Muted because the current GPS speed is below the Silent Ride setting
    • "OTB Mute" - Muted because the frequency is outside of all defined boxes for that band, and mute OTB option is enabled for that band
    • "ITB Mute" - Muted because the frequency is inside of a box defined for that band, and mute ITB option is enabled for that box
    • "K Mute" - Muted because of K muting rules defined in the currently active profile
    • "Sound Off" - Muted because sound has been toggled off

    There are no mute memos for locked out or snoozed alerts because they will never appear in the Priority Alert Display.

    One other change worth explaining:

    Since alerts can be locked out and snoozed, other un-muted alerts can and will be promoted to the top of the alert list in JBV1 and will be the ones for which JBV1 audibly alerts. V1 has its own algorithm for deciding which alert is the priority alert, and that alert will be the one for which V1 audibly alerts. When V1's priority alert is locked out or snoozed, or when JBV1 and V1 otherwise disagree on the priority alert (V1 Priority option disabled), JBV1 will mute V1 and only JBV1 will audibly alert. This is important to know if you depend mostly on audible alerts.

    Alert priority changes:

    There's a new setting (General) to toggle V1 Priority:

    • Enabled - V1 tags an alert as a priority alert and is the one V1 audibly warns about. JBV1 respects this tag and will show this alert in the Priority Alert Display, unless that alert is snoozed or locked out. After the priority alert, JBV1 sorts by band (Laser > Ka > K > Ku > X) and strength for active alerts. Locked out alerts and snoozed alerts are pushed to the bottom of all active alerts.
    • Disabled - JBV1 sorts all alerts by band (Laser > Ka > K > Ku > X) and strength for active, un-muted alerts. Muted alerts will be below all un-muted alerts, followed by locked out and snoozed alerts, followed by inactive alerts. The alert at the top of this list is considered to be the priority alert if it isn't locked out, snoozed, or inactive.

    I plan to work signal orientation into my sorting soon, but for now, it isn't considered.

    As always, please report any issues you encounter, and feel free to ask questions.

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