JBV1 Release 0.9.51

    Sunday, January 21, 2018

    What's new in this release?

    • Reverse geocoding (Internet required)
    • Speed limit display (requires reverse geocoding)
    • New status bar icons
    • Sweep sections fetched from V1 after each connection to ensure correct values are cached for display in Custom Sweeps definition screen
    • Elevation display removed
    • Fixed bug where enabling Always Mute V1 option would disable app bogey lock tone and announcement
    • Other minor bug fixes

    The reverse geocoding option is intended to be used for auto profile/sweeps pushing and speed-limit-based muting options to appear in a future release. The speed limit display option was added mainly because I was already getting the data in the reverse geocoding, so why not show it (disabled by default). Reverse geocoding (primary) and speed limits come from OSM (OpenStreetMap). When (not if) you find roads in your area with the wrong speed limit, or none at all, you can correct them in OSM. Just go to OSM web site, create a free account, and add or edit them wherever they're missing or incorrect. If you don't care about any of this, or you're using a dedicated device with no data, or you just don't want to use more of your data, you'll want to leave these options disabled. In the future, and if there's enough interest, I plan to try some no–data-required options for detecting state boundaries.

    The sweep sections for your V1 are what define the boundaries for your custom sweeps. For v3.8952 V1s, there's one sweep section: 33.360 - 36.051. For older V1s, there are two sections: 33.xxx - 34.770, 34.774 - 36.xxx (I don't have an older V1 and I don't remember what the xxx's are). No sweep may span a section boundary.

    Alert Screen

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