JBV1 Release 0.9.60

    Thursday, February 22, 2018

    What's new in this release?

    • New: Auto Profile Overrides (general)
    • New: Silent Ride Tracks PSL option (experimental)
    • New: Announce Bogey Count option (audio)
    • New: Long press large mute button mutes all non-muted alerts
    • New: Speed Limit Sign color option (white/orange)
    • Changed: Settings icon no longer hidden at speed
    • Fixed: V1 mode apply on profile push not working properly
    • Fixed: Profile push dialog, tapping OK without selection disables pushing until app restart

    Auto profile overrides:

    This feature is intended to be used for exceptions to the rule. If you often drive from A to B and need some profile changes along the way, create overrides in those areas and assign the appropriate profile to each area. You should leave your home area with no override, I would think, but you can do it however you like. Although it would probably be ok to create polygons for every state in the USA, it wasn't really designed for that, and I have not tested that use case for performance.

    When searching for a city, county, or state in the USA, search for "city, st" or "x county, st" or "state" for best results. For example:

    1. City:​
      • "baton rouge, la" (Geaux Tigers!)​
      • "atlanta, ga"​
    2. County:​
      • "east baton rouge parish, la"​
      • "fulton county, ga"​
    3. State:​
      • "louisiana"​
      • "georgia"​

    If you click on a search result, and you don't get either shaded polygon(s) or a box, you can't use that area for an override. Some very small towns you may not be able to use for an override. Sometimes you might get a large polygon with no shading. I get that for Texas. I think it's a Google Maps bug, because the code indicates its a closed polygon (required) and it shows up shaded after the polygon is simplified and saved in the database.

    After you've created one or more override areas, don't forget to enable this feature in General settings. Also, the crowd-sourced alerts settings are in the Experimental settings section. Let me know how it works for you in your area.

    And one more thing to remember: The auto profile overrides only require internet when you're searching for areas to use or when you want to see a saved area on a map. Operationally, the feature itself requires only GPS and uses zero data.

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