JBV1 Release 1.0.6

    Friday, May 25, 2018

    What's new in this release?

    • (Display) New High-Density Alert Table option
    • (Display) New Arrows Scale with Signal Strength option
    • (Display) Large Font option change no longer requires app restart
    • (Lockouts) New Deep-Analysis Punch Through option (work in progress)
    • (User Marks) New Short Text options for Other and Other2 mark types

    With HD Alert Table option enabled, most critical info is condensed into a tighter group for quicker visual threat assessment. You also get time, distance, and signal graph displayed for all V1 alerts, distance and estimated time to mark for CSA and user mark alerts, and CSA report age in the overlay.

    Arrows Scale with Signal Strength has been the default behavior since alpha. Now you can turn that off if you wish and get the same size (large) arrow regardless of strength.

    Deep-Analysis (lockout) Punch Through is a work in progress. It won't do any extra locking out, so it's safe to try. What it will do is consider a lot of factors in determining if locked out signals are likely NOT originating from their respective lockouts, and thus a threat. If it makes a positive determination, and the signal strength is at or above your setting, the signal will punch through the lockout and you will be alerted. This is not something I can thoroughly test by myself, so please try it out and share your experiences with it.

    Short Text options for Other and Other2 user marks allow you to set the abbreviated text that appears in user mark alerts.

    Here are some screen snips with arrow scaling disabled and HD alert table enabled. In-app alert table, overlay with CSA, overlay without CSA.

    Alert Table



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