JBV1 Release 1.1.8

    Friday, September 07, 2018

    What's new in this release?

    • Dongle type selection eliminated in connection settings (is now fully automatic, except that V1C Android dongles still must be manually paired to your device)
    • Car Audio Interrupt now has two options: 1) Play as Phone Call, 2) Play as Voice Prompt
    • Option to restore default settings (does not affect profiles, sweeps, profile override data, alert log data, lockout data, mark data)
    • After profile pushed, the mode change delay (when one is required) has been increased from 3 seconds to 10 seconds to better accommodate less performant hardware
    • Fixed a crash related to NOAA weather radar

    App now supports connections to multiple V1C Android dongles. Instead of trying only the first paired V1C Android dongle, it will try them all until it finds an available one. I tried multi-threading the V1C Android connection attempts so all could be tested at same time, but Android seems to queue the connection attempts and blocks on each one. This means the second, third, … , paired V1C Android dongle will take longer to find. At least you no longer have to unpair/pair to connect a different V1C Android dongle, right?

    Car Audio Interrupt in 1.1.6 and 1.1.7 used only Play as Voice Prompt. This method is less intrusive on radios that support it, and even though both radios I have to test on support it, it turns out that not many others do. So I added the Play as Phone Call option, which should work on any radio (or headset) to which your device is connected for call audio. If this feature interests you, you may want to have only announcements enabled in audio settings (disable bogey lock and alert sounds) to minimize radio interruptions. If you had this feature enabled before this update, you'll need to re-enable it.

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