JBV1 Release 1.2.0

    Friday, October 05, 2018

    What's new in this release?

    • Options for overlay double tap and long press actions
    • Options for mute (large speaker) icon double tap and long press actions
    • Option to disable connection recovery while moving
    • Overlay bogey counter color updated same as alert screen bogey counter
    • New pop-up alert screen alert map replaces full-screen (background) and inset maps
    • Aircraft detected by PAWS to be within 10 km (6.2 mi) are now shown on the alert screen alert map (if enabled), including their flight paths (if available)
    • PAWS filter settings simplified
    • Removed animations from alert screen updates to reduce update latency
    • Added animations to dialogs (because they make me smile)
    • Fixed some bugs with knob-muted alerts and knob-mute detection

    The new alert screen alert map for CSA and PAWS alerts has a "HIDE" button in the lower left. If you need to see info behind the window, tap the HIDE button to slide the window out of the way, and then a small map icon will slide up over the V1 settings area. Tap the icon to bring the map back into view. The map continues to update while hidden, but not when the app is backgrounded.

    The green (dark map) and blue (light map) circles on the map are in 1-mile increments, out to 5 miles. The orange circle is 1/2 mile, the red one 1/4 mile. When only CSA's are on the map, it will zoom to a little over 3 miles of forward range with your location near the bottom of the map. When aircraft and their paths are on the map, it will zoom out to around 13 miles of total range with your location in the center. Helicopters have a different icon that look like a helicopter (surprise!), and their paths are dotted instead of dashed. The faster a plane or helicopter is traveling, the more space between the dashes and dots. It doesn't vary the spacing along the path to show changes in velocity, it only reflects the current speed.

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