JBV1 Release 1.2.1

    Saturday, October 13, 2018

    What's new in this release?

    • New Ka-band alert sound
    • Band-specific bogey lock tones when alert sounds disabled (dee-dee-brap, dee-dee-brap-brap, dee-dee-snort, etc.)
    • Bogey lock tones and alert sounds will play when enabled in settings
    • Configurable V1 settings display tap, double tap, and long press actions
    • V1 Quick Change toggles instantly change V1 settings without profile push
    • Options for priority alert display of auto-muted alerts (the master setting is inverse of old setting)
    • Alert Recall (swipe left/right on empty area of alert screen)
    • Two more K-band boxes (five total)
    • Wake display option won't wake display when app auto starts with device in pocket
    • New "JBV1" night style for maps
    • New CSA alert map icons: Blue = unconfirmed, Red = confirmed
    • CSA alert highlighting: Blue = unconfirmed, Red = confirmed
    • Settings and other supporting activity screens re-themed to be more like alert screen theme.
    • Many Display settings regrouped into child screens
    • Marks now appear in overlay

    On the new auto-muted alert priority options (box, rear, side, time), if any disabled option matches an alert, that alert will not show in the priority display, even if an enabled option also matches that alert.

    Here's a video demo of alert screen controls. Movie making is not my thing (yet), so keep that in mind.

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