JBV1 Release 1.2.2

    Wednesday, October 17, 2018

    What's new in this release?

    • TMG A-15 support!
    • Improved CSA Same Road Only algorithm (I think so, let me know)
    • Bug fixes

    TMG A-15 support notes: I just got the BT command data for volume up/down about 2 hours ago, so I was scrambling to revise the controls layout, add the commands, and test. The volume buttons are small for now, but I will improve the layout soon. As with the hard buttons, you have to wait after a button press for the voice report to finish before another button press will work. From the alert screen, swipe down on an empty space in the background to pull up the TMG control panel. You can adjust volume and toggle the RCV and SLP buttons. When JBV1 is in the background, a TMG alert will result in a full-screen overlay in red (front alert) or yellow (rear alert). You won't be able to touch anything behind the overlay while it's onscreen, so you'll have to wait for the alert to clear. If running in TEST mode (SLP button lit), you have the options of custom auto kill and sleep times. You may also tap the alert overlay anywhere for JTK before auto kill occurs. When the kill commands start (it can take more than one), the background arrow will be replaced by a big X. After an alert has cleared, the CPU will be automatically reset to TEST mode after your selected sleep time, unless you press one of the buttons during the sleep time (which cancels the reset back to TEST mode). Gun type is listed in the alert log when you drill down to a specific alert to see all its hits. If you see no gun type, then it was a V1 laser alert.

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