JBV1 Release 1.2.6

    Friday, November 02, 2018

    What's new in this release?

    TMG enhancements:

    • Overlay "K" and "X" colors match arrow colors
    • Overlay alert timer shows JTK time like a lap time (see video)
    • Alert log shows JTK time and mode for each logged hit (Killed, Auto sleep, Test, Receive only, in M column; see video)
    • Option for JTG in Test mode
    • Option to mute TMG CPU after connecting
    • Options for connection announcements
    • Multiple TMG device pairings supported
    • Speed-based Auto Defense Mode (NOT FULLY TESTED)

    You guys will be guinea pigs for the new Auto Defense Mode, which switches into and out of receive only mode based on your speed. I still don't have an installed system to fully test it myself. Watch it carefully and let me know if it's not working as expected. How it should work:

    There's a 6 mph (or km/h) spread (+/- 3) on when receive only mode (RCV) will engage and when your selected defense mode will engage. This is to prevent modes changing constantly if you happen to be driving right around the speed you selected. So if you selected 30 (mph) and a defense mode of AUTO SLEEP, JBV1 should engage RCV ONLY mode as you start driving, and it will engage AUTO SLEEP mode when you reach 33 mph. It will stay in that mode until you slow to 27 mph, at which point it will engage RCV ONLY mode. It will stay in RCV ONLY mode until you reach 33 mph again. Important: If you manually change the defense mode while Auto Defense Mode is enabled, JBV1 will change it back to what it should be based on your Auto Defense Mode settings. That's how it's supposed to work.

    An auto JTK demo showing overlay and alert log changes…(see video in thread)

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