JBV1 Release 1.3.0

    Saturday, December 22, 2018

    What's new in this release?

    • Removed Priority Conflict Mutes V1 option, behavior is now always false
    • Removed K band Double Mute option, behavior is now always true
    • New Ka alert sound option, Only on Band Conflict
    • 12/19 camera database update
    • Bug fixes

    This release contains improvements mainly for users who prefer to hear and mute alerts from V1 or attached peripherals.

    If V1 is alerting to a stronger K-band signal that shouldn't be muted by any rule (locked out, box muted, etc.), JBV1 will no longer mute V1 because it thinks a weaker Ka-band signal should have priority (this is what the old priority conflict mute option was for). I can't make V1 audibly alert to a signal of my choosing, so there's a new option for Ka alert sounds called Only on Band Conflict. When enabled, JBV1 will audibly alert to a Ka signal only when JBV1 thinks that should be the priority alert and V1 is audibly alerting to some other, presumably stronger, non-Ka-band signal. If you want V1 making all (most) of the alert sounds and you want to use this new feature, you should enable the alert sounds master switch, disable the band-specific alert sounds for all bands except Ka, and enable the Only on Band Conflict option below the Ka band Alert Sound option.

    When you press a hard mute button (V1 knob, concealed display, remote button), JBV1 will un-mute V1 only on a new alert that shouldn't be muted by any rule. JBV1 will not un-mute V1 because of changes to alert priority among the alerts that existed when V1 was muted. I'm considering options to control this un-mute behavior by band and strength (e.g. un-mute on new K alert only if initial strength > 3), so let me know what your thoughts are on that.

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