JBV1 Release 1.4.2

    Monday, February 18, 2019

    What's new in this release?

    • Auto source drift compensation for lockouts
    • CSA Region option
    • Priority Alert Display frequency color option
    • Separate initial volume settings for demo mode
    • Basic lockout punch through option removed
    • 2019-02-13 camera database update
    • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

    The CSA Region options include USA/Canada (default) and Everywhere Else. I was gonna add an Auto option, but if that determination failed for whatever reason, you'd still have to set it manually, so I just saved myself some work and made it manual only.

    There's also some additional alert information being logged that you guys can help me sample (I didn't want to have the app send it automatically, because of privacy concerns). After you update to this version, and then after a few confirmed LEO encounters, go to Developer Options and set the Alert Log Extra setting to Ramp. This will show front and rear signal ramp data overlaid onto the signal strength meter in the alert log where individual alert hits are displayed. If you could post a screenshot or three, including the particulars of your encounter (LEO moving or stationary, CO or IO, straight highway or curvy), that would be very helpful. Thanks!

    I also changed the notifications such that there will be one only under these conditions:

    1. App is running in background
    2. App is not running but is waiting for a dongle (auto start is enabled)
    3. Connection to dongle was lost

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