JBV1 Release 1.5.3

    Sunday, March 31, 2019

    What's new in this release?

    • ADDED options for additional CSA alert types
    • ADDED option to use newer Fused Location Provider Client (general settings), which may improve performance and battery life when running JBV1 with a navigation app
    • ADDED tap GPS icon for current location provider report, long press GPS icon to switch provider
    • ADDED options to control mark enabled and announced by type of mark
    • ADDED option for dongle-specific settings (settings export/import) and auto start control (connection settings) (see below for further info)
    • ADDED option for LE RSSI monitor (connection settings)
    • ADDED option for alert screen alert map type (normal, satellite, terrain, hybrid) (display settings) (can cycle through types from the map)
    • ADDED 15-second delay to alert screen alert map auto positioning when user interacts with map, so can pan around and zoom in/out more easily
    • ADDED options for immediate Time mute (auto mute control settings)
    • ADDED option for custom TMG alert sound
    • ADDED option for re-mute delay (dev options), to throttle V1 un-mute/re-mute cycles during alerts
    • ADDED title bar tap listeners to alert log report screens, scrolls to top of report
    • ADDED warning when running Euro mode with no custom sweeps
    • ADDED option for Oreo+ service-less BLE scan (connection settings, auto start)
    • IMPROVED auto start performance when device display is off
    • FIXED reverse orientation logged as not reversed
    • FIXED overlay doesn't show user text for other and other2 mark types
    • FIXED box-muted alpha and punch through options disabled when mute OTB disabled

    Dongle-Specific Settings:

    When enabled, and JBV1 connects to a dongle, it will look for a settings file named the same as the dongle you're connected to. If it finds one, it loads it. If it doesn't, it creates it with your current settings. Any changes made while connected to the dongle will be auto saved to the dongle file when you disconnect. For offline editing of dongle-specific settings, you should first import the file for the dongle you want to change, make your changes, and then export to the same dongle file. I use this feature to have different audio settings in my car vs my wife's car (they each have their own dongle).

    Dongle Auto Start:

    Beginning with this release, dongles you've connected to will be listed in Connection settings > Dongles. When the main Auto Start option is enabled, JBV1 will look for dongles that have auto start enabled specifically for them. If no dongles are found (e.g. first time running this release), or none of the dongles are enabled for auto start, JBV1 will auto start on any dongle it finds. If one or more dongles are enabled for auto start, JBV1 will auto start only on those dongles.

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