JBV1 Release 1.5.4

    Wednesday, April 10, 2019

    What's new in this release?

    • Alert log map reworked to include alert heat maps, marker clustering, and new marker themes
    • GM BSM filter logic improved, including a "Sticky" option
    • PAWS toggle added to quick settings dialog
    • Long press CSA toggle for submenu where SRO and a few other CSA settings may be toggled (will likely be creating similar submenus for other toggles)
    • Fixed auto start not working for some combinations of settings.
    • Fixed false euro mode warning
    • Fixed K-muted alerts not double muted when only silent ride mute applies
    • Fixed several mark alerting issues
    • 10 April 2019 camera database update

    Alert Log Map

    One thing that isn't obvious is a change to the "HITS" button on the lockout info dialog that pops up when you tap a lockout marker. On first tap, it will drop markers for the most recent 250 hits in that lockout. A second tap will show the last 500 hits as a pop-up table.

    The Alert Log Map settings screen has a number of new options. Some of them are designed to control how much data is loaded into the map, mainly for older and/or less expensive devices that have much less memory and slower GPUs than modern flagship devices. When data sampling is enabled, the data used to create markers for "other alerts" can change as you pan and zoom the map, because the random sampling of hits inside the current map bounds doesn't return the same hits every time. Just an FYI.

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