JBV1 Release 1.6.0

    Sunday, July 07, 2019

    What's new in this release?

    • Changed PAWS source names from Primary/Secondary to A/B
    • Added PAWS source selection A+B
    • Added max aircraft speed filter for PAWS
    • Added alert table display options for non-V1 alerts
    • Added PAWS control (enabled/disabled) to APO
    • Added CSA log export (Alert Log > … menu)
    • Added Offline Mode to run without a V1
    • Bug fixes

    Alert table display options for non-V1 alerts:

    • For Marks, CSA alerts, and PAWS alerts, you can disable them from appearing in the alert screen alert table, without affecting whether or not they're announced, shown in the overlay, or mapped (all of which are controlled by separate options).

    Offline Mode:

    • This is locked by default, to limit usage among the general public. To get to the unlock option, go to Settings > Connection, scroll to bottom, tap "V1 Info" five times, tap Advanced. Once unlocked, there will be an "Offline Mode" option in the main menu on the splash screen. You can also select a BT device that you want to use to auto start/stop JBV1 in offline mode. If your phone connects to a specific device in your car every time you drive, that would be a good device to select. Otherwise, you can start/stop manually. You probably shouldn't enable this option if you use JBV1 with a V1 and the V1C auto start option enabled.

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