JBV1 Release 1.8.2

    Friday, September 06, 2019

    What's new in this release?

    • Announcement preemption (Laser > Ka > K > Ku > X > other)
    • Announcement cancellation for K-, Ku-, and X-band alerts (Audio options)
    • V1 alert announcements include characteristics when announced instead of when queued
    • Non-V1 announcements include distance
    • Comments, if any, announced for CSA (terse disabled)
    • New non-V1 alerts on alert screen appear with green backgrounds for first 10 secs
    • Alert screen allows more non-V1 alerts, all sorted by general bearing (ahead/behind, exc. PAWS) and distance
    • Group Range option for CSA
    • Added an additional user-defined mark type (3 total)
    • Fixed alert map state lost when app backgrounded with map minimized (map overlay now properly not shown)
    • Fixed (?) TTS-related crash on some devices with language set to Romanian
    • Other bug fixes

    Announcement Preemption

    Any V1 alert announcement will preempt any non-V1 announcement. V1 alert announcements will preempt other V1 alert announcements in the following hierarchy: Laser > Ka > K > Ku > X. Same-band announcements will be preempted if a new alert has the same or greater front signal strength. Except for data timeout announcements, non-V1 announcements do not preempt any other announcement.

    Announcement Cancellation

    Any K-, Ku-, or X-band alert announcement will be cancelled if the alert is either inactive (signal gone) or muted prior to the actual announcement. This option is incorrectly named "Announcement Cancel" in the app (will fix later).

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