JBV1 Release 2.0.0

    Saturday, March 07, 2020

    What's new in this release?

    • Profiles compatible with V1 Gen2™
    • Strength-based settings converted to percentages
    • Options to auto disable K-band BSM filters when connected to Gen2
    • Option to control speech delay after acquiring audio focus
    • Longer screen flasher duration options, modified to flash at ~10 Hz for selected duration instead of just 3 times
    • Tap V1 display icon for quick display change dialog (On, Off, Auto, Sensor Dark)
    • Added K Wide sweep to sweeps segment menu
    • Startup warning when sweeps (custom frequencies) are enabled but an enabled band is not swept (V1: Ka, Gen2: Ka, K)
    • Sweeps pushes by any means (manual, profile specification, auto override) are blocked if they do not contain a sweep for an enabled band
    • Miscellaneous improvements and fixes

    Gen2 profiles will appear in the Profiles screen of the app in green, with a .G2 extension. This extension is automatically added by the app and automatically removed for display purposes depending on context. Generally speaking, the extension is shown only when all profiles are shown together. Only G2 profiles can be pushed to Gen2, only Gen1 (legacy?) profiles can be pushed to Gen1, and only pushable profiles will appear in the alert screen push menu (without an extension). In the override profile list view, the extension is shown, because the app doesn't know what you'll be connected to in the future and you need to know which profiles are for what. A future enhancement will be to allow overrides to specify only a filename without an extension, and then it will automatically look for a .G2 version when connected to Gen2.

    Sweeps (Custom Frequencies) for Gen2 allow a K-band sweep, but they're otherwise bit-compatible with Gen1 sweeps. It gets the same extension treatment as profiles, mostly. The .G2 extension is added or removed automatically depending on whether or not it contains a K-band sweep. Since Gen1 sweeps can be pushed to Gen2, both Gen1 and Gen2 sweeps are in the alert screen push menu (Gen1 will see only Gen1 sweeps). If using custom frequencies with a Gen2, JBV1 will not allow you to push sweeps lacking K band while K band is enabled, because doing so effectively disables K band. Same with Ka on both Gen1 and Gen2. If you want to disable K band, use the actual K band setting or the button (Euro). If you should disable K band properly, push no-K-band sweeps, and then later re-enable K band with those same sweeps, you'll get some stern warnings. I'm considering auto disabling CF if this condition arises while driving.

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