JBV1 Release 2.2.0

    Sunday, May 10, 2020

    What's new in this release?

    • Secondary V1 mode display on alert screen during V1 alerts
    • Custom colors for V1 alerts and heat maps (Display > Colors)
    • Priority Alert Display band masking (Display > V1 Priority Alert Display)
    • Theme options relocated to dedicated screen (Display > Themes)
    • Band option for signal strength meter theme (Display > Themes)
    • Alert Table Frequency theme option replaces frequency background color coded and background signal strength meter options (Display > Themes), now fully compatible with non-HD alert table
    • Priority Alert Display added to auto theme components (Display > Themes > Auto Theme)
    • Options to hide speedometer, compass/heading, and elevation (Display)
    • PAWS options to clear all blacklisted or whitelisted aircraft (PAWS > Advanced)
    • Confirmation dialogs for alert deletion from alert log
    • 6 May 2020 camera database
    • Miscellaneous other improvements and bug fixes

    Note: The color picker I'm using doesn't have a dialog cancel button (grrr, but I didn't like any others as much), so use your device's back button or tap outside the dialog to cancel a color change.

    Demo of secondary mode display, custom alert colors, and the Priority Alert Display's optional priority band masking (custom background/foreground, by band) and auto high-contrast (black on white). I plan to have this ready by tomorrow (Fri 5/8).

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