JBV1 Release 2.2.2

    Sunday, May 17, 2020

    What's new in this release?

    • Audio Control Panel for changes to volume and audio routing (tap speaker icon or swipe on V1 alert mute icon)
    • Main volume initializers replaced by automatic volume memory (excluding demo mode)
    • Auto V1 Mode action for overrides
    • Auto V1 Mode status indicator on alert screen
    • Auto V1 Mode toggle replaces the Force Speaker toggle on the quick settings pop-up
    • V1 alert mute icon options for location, animation, and background mask
    • Dark map style with no map labels
    • Auto start notification lists enabled triggers that require the notification
    • Fixed PAWS flight path loaders not working due to API change
    • Miscellaneous UI tweaks

    Gone are the main volume initializers. JBV1 now remembers all your in-app volume changes, including for each connected Bluetooth audio device (A2DP), and will restore them on next startup (demo mode excluded).

    The new Audio Control Panel makes audio adjustments easier by enabling you to do the following from one panel:

    • View and adjust volume levels for your device's media and alert streams, with audio feedback on alert volume adjustments
    • View audio routing for both media and alert streams
    • Change audio routing for the alert stream
    • Toggle full mute on/off (full mute mutes the app and V1 until you turn it off)
    • Perform a sound check

    Launch the audio control panel by tapping the speaker icon at the bottom right of the alert screen. Here's a screenshot:

    Audio Dialog

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