JBV1 Release 2.2.3

    Tuesday, May 19, 2020

    What's new in this release?

    • Long pressing a profile or sweeps from the push dialog will launch the editor directly without having to navigate to it
    • Blue highlighting of current profile/sweeps removed to avoid confusion about what's selected
    • New settings action option to launch the profile editor for the current profile on double tap, long press, or swipe gestures
    • When the current profile and/or sweeps are edited while connected to V1, changes are auto pushed upon return to the alert screen
    • New alert graph option for PAWS alerts shows changes to altitude and track over time (PAWS > Advanced, requires HD alert table)
    • Restyled PAWS alert pop-up (on tap) includes a graph similar to the alert table graph, but adds an altitude axis
    • New night mode map style option for the alert log map

    Here's an example of the alert graph for PAWS alerts:

    PAWS Graphs

    The green line with green shading below it is altitude, and the magenta line is track. For track, the bottom of the graph is 0 degrees and the top is 359.99 degrees. Aircraft doing circles or any other kind of circuit will show up as sawtooth patterns similar to the graphs above, with a sharp rise/fall in one direction followed by a more gradual fall/rise in the other direction. For the same span of time, the wider the circuit, the fewer the teeth. Shorter time spans will also result in fewer teeth.

    Graph scale is selectable among Auto (default), 3000 ft, 4000 ft, and 5000 ft. Anything above the selected scale (not auto) will show all green shading and no green line. The example above is with auto scaling.

    So what's the point of this? You can see what aircraft are doing without a map.

    This should be live in a bit.

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